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Leung Accountancy Corporation has MOVED!

We have moved our office to the city of West Covina. Our new location:

100 North Citrus Street, Suite 405
West Covina, CA 91791

Or for details, go to CONTACT US

California State Board of Accountancy Appointment 
Los Angeles County Assessment Appeals Board Appointment

Mr. Leung has recently been appointed as the Commissioner of The County of Los Angeles, Assessment Appeals Board, a government agency where matters of the California property tax are being administrated. 

Mr. Leung was also appointed with the two State Commissions concurrently as Board Board Member of the California State Board of Accountancy, an agency in which matters of over 95,000 CPAs in California are being handled and supervised, including CPA licensing, CPA examiniations.  Recommendations and opinions are also being provided to the Governor as well as the legislatures of the State of California.  

Also as the Commissioner of the Naturopathic Medicine Committee (formerly Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine), where Mr. Leung is serving under the administration of the California Governor.  


梁先生担任加州州政府会计委员会委员。该委员会管理监督加州超过 95,000名注册会计师。